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The following posters will be presented during MOMI 2018.

Felisia Angela Chiarello.
Non-local traffic flow models
Karyna Gogunska, Chadi Barakat, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller and Dino Lopez-Pacheco.
Empowering virtualized networks with Measurement as a Service
Lucie Chambon and Jean-Luc Gouzé.
Control of a negative feedback loop in a gene network
Dimitra Politaki, Sara Alouf, Fabien Hermenier and Alain Jean-Marie.
Towards Modeling a Green Data Center
Mahomed Naoufal Mahfoudi et al.
ORION: Orientation Estimation Using Commodity Wi-Fi
Pascal Helson, Etienne Tanré and Romain Veltz.
A simple spiking neuron model based on stochastic STDP
Thierry Spetebroot, Muhammad Jawad Khokhar, Thibaut Ehlinger and Chadi Barakat.
ACQUA – Forecasting Quality of Experience
Vitalii Poliakov, Lucile Sassatelli and Damien Saucez.
Adaptive video streaming, multipath and caching: can less be more?
Eleftherios Lampiris, Jingjing Zhang and Petros Elia.
Cache-aided Cooperation with No CSIT
Nathalie T. H. Gayraud, Maureen Clerc and Alain Rakotomamonjy.
Optimal Transport Applied to the P300 Speller
Guilelrmo Gallardo, Nathalie T.H. Gayraud, Maureen Clerc and Demian Wassermann
Matching Parcellations Using Optimal Transport : A Proof of Concept

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