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Here we are: the team in charge of organising the PhD Seminars!

389039_10200410567221003_649919649_nNATHALIE GAYRAUD – website, materials, iris group management

“I am a PhD candidate in the ATHENA Team of Inria. My PhD is about studying EEG signal variability in the context of Brain Computer Interfaces. This includes a lot of statistics, machine learning, linear algebra, and some digging into Riemannian geometry.

I really like the PhD Seminars: I think it is a very nice way for us to interact, both in a professional and in a social way. I have already met people ther with which I collaborate today, and most of all, I have made friends!

In my free time, I like to watch movies, TV series, read books, and wear pyjamas. I also enjoy travelling and climbing on trees.” – Nathalie


DORA KARVOUNIARIschedule and communication

” I am a PhD student in the Biovision team at Inria Sophia-Antipolis.   During my thesis, I work on modelling the mechanisms that generate retinal waves, the natural mechanism shaping the visual system during development. I enjoy using physics to solve neuroscience problems and neuroscience to understand how the brain works. 

PhD seminars for me are the perfect opportunity to share beautiful science in a friendly environment and have interesing discussions among peers. After all everything is better when you share it. 

I love travelling, reading books, pandas, coffee and Paris! ” – Dora

img_5619-copyKONSTANTINOS MAVREAS – participation lists, certificate demands.

I am a PhD candidate in the APICS Team of INRIA. My PhD is about Inverse problems relative with electromagnetic phenomena. The thing I enjoy the most in my work, is the study of the equations from Maxwell, Euler, Möbius and many other GIANTS of mathematics and physics!!!

The PhD seminars are an opportunity to communicate with other students and share your ideas. It is also a way to prepare yourself before a conference talk, and get feedback from people from many different scientific areas!!!

In my free time, I like to read books, go hiking, watch movies, play chess and visit museums.” – Konstantinos

img-20161113-wa0044MILICA TOMASEVICschedule and communication

11695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_nDIMITRA POLITAKI schedule and communication








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