Current Organizers

Here we are: the team in charge of organising the PhD Seminars!

389039_10200410567221003_649919649_nNATHALIE GAYRAUD – website, materials, iris group management, participation lists, certificate demands

“I am a PhD candidate in the ATHENA Team of Inria. My PhD is about studying EEG signal variability in the context of Brain Computer Interfaces. This includes a lot of statistics, machine learning, linear algebra, and some digging into Riemannian geometry.

I really like the PhD Seminars: I think it is a very nice way for us to interact, both in a professional and in a social way. I have already met people ther with which I collaborate today, and most of all, I have made friends!

In my free time, I like to watch movies, TV series, read books, and play the piano. I also enjoy travelling !” – Nathalie

EVGENIA KARTSAKIcommunication & diffusion

“I am a PhD student within the BIOVISION team at Inria and the Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Newcastle. My PhD is part of an interdisciplinary project whose aim is to study how specific classes of retinal cells contribute to vision. Working at the interface between experimental and computational neuroscience involves understanding the biological principles, mathematical analysis and software development.

PhD Seminars is a great way to both share and acquire knowledge in a fun, friendly but also challenging environment. Ι think that meeting and exchanging ideas with other people that work in research plays a vital role in the PhD journey.

Besides work, I love travelling with friends and discovering new places. I also enjoy being physically active, so i practice yoga, dance lindy hop, or even go for a walk or run. Not to forget, i like cooking moussaka and drinking iced coffee.” – Evgenia

SELMA SOUIHEL – schedule and communication








img-20161113-wa0044MILICA TOMASEVICschedule and communication

I am a PhD student in TOSCA team of Inria SAM. In  my thesis, I work on particular types of non-linear stochastic processes in order to model tumor growth. The best part of this field is that it joins together many fields of mathematics: analysis, PDE theory, probability, numerics and computer simulations.

In the PhD seminars, we have the opportunity to meet up in a friendly environment to discuss our research, discover new topics, exchange ideas and share our problems. It makes me feel I’m not alone in this journey and it is a perfect break from the every day work that the preparation of the thesis demands.

When I’m not busy with math, I try to travel as much as possible, I love discovering new places and people. I also like to go for a hike or a run or just cook a new recipria.fsttp://" height="278" srcset="http:/(200" ery dnerksrry dnerksrry dnerksrry dnerksrry dnerksrry"-sideclass="size-medium wp-image-179 alignright" src="https://ph11695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_nfr/files/2016/12/I0567221003_049919649_n-1-200x300.jpg" alt="389039_10200410567221003_64991964911695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_nx150./phd-seminars-11695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_n113-WA004415://phd-semi15:/0w,,"pg 150w,(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />MILIC11695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_nx644x644 150w,44ax-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />MILIC11695386_1450926725208843_3691530325713382404_n 150w576schedule and commun15ationI aDIMITRA POLITAKIemands
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