PhD Seminars Special Edition with Nelly Litvak


Dimitra Politaki – NEO


Professor Nelly Litvak, University of Twente

Talk 1


When writing a paper or a grant proposal you will often hear `high-level’ advice such as: `write easier’, `make it crystal clear’, `explain what is new’, `make it exciting’. I will explain two hands-on specific techniques of story-telling, answering the question: HOW to write this way?

Talk 2

How to manage your advisor

A crucial point in establishing productive relationship with your advisors and getting the most out of your PhD time is to be proactive. Although this might not be obvious from the first sight, being proactive is the key to achieving your career goals. 
We will discuss what it means to be proactive, and what simple specific actions you can take to become proactive in managing your career.


Prof. Litvak’s book “IQ to Love: What Makes Highly Intelligent Men Attractive to Women” is available at the Inria library.

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