MOMI 2019 has received fundings by the following sponsors:


  • Inria – the French national research institute for the digital sciences, promotes scientific excellence and technology transfer to maximise its impact. It employs 2,400 people. Its 200 agile project teams, generally with academic partners, involve more than 3,000 scientists in meeting the challenges of computer science and mathematics, often at the interface of other disciplines. Inria works with many companies and has assisted in the creation of over 160 startups. It strives to meet the challenges of the digital transformation of science, society and the economy.
  • Maison de la Modélisation, de la Simulation et des Interactions – MSI of Université Côte d’Azur – MSI represents a common ground and a meeting point for people and ideas implanted on the site of Sophia Antipolis which aims at a transdisciplinary exchange by creating the common language to the various disciplines characteristic of the IDEX project. The MSI offers: (i) advanced and continuous high-level training in modeling, simulation and data exploitation; (ii) scientific animation in the framework of thematic workshops, exchanges between the various actors of UCA concerning the modeling, the simulation, the data exploitation, the computation and the visualization; (iii) the creation of a strong link with the local industry, particularly through the organization of thematic schools; (iv) financial support in order to develop transdisciplinary projects between IDEX and industrial partners.
  • The graduate school “Digital Systems for Humans” (EUR project ANR-17-EURE-004 from the “Programme Investissements d’Avenir”) – a joint research and education program centered on digital systems design, digital economy, education, and law. It addresses the challenges in designing the next generation of digital systems, inventing new applications, and studying the links between humans and the digital world. Within the Nice Sophia Antipolis research and innovation ecosystem, DS4H addresses how technologies, institutions, firm strategies, and user behavior interact all phases of digital systems innovation processes. It catalyses the scientific innovation of digital sciences in a multidisciplinary way. DS4H Scientific Objectives are: (i) developing the convergence of Models, Data, and Computation; (ii) harnessing the complexity of connected digital systems; (iii) anticipating the economical and legal challenges of digital systems; (iv) developing key applications of digital systems.
  •  The Agence pour les Mathématiques en Interaction avec l’Entreprise et la Société (AMIES) – a national organization that aims to develop relations between academic research teams in mathematics and business, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). AMIES has three main objectives: (i) Encourage and support new collaborations specifically with SMEs; and increase the notoriety of the value of Mathematics for enterprises. (ii) Mobilize, motivate and (in)form the academic researchers concerning such collaborations. 
(iii) Change the image of mathematical research and raise its public awareness, especially for (future) students.
  • OLEA Medical – a company that develop and market automated & multi-vendor organ-dedicated post-processing solutions, significantly improving diagnosis. The company has established a strong credibility, through the domestication of cutting-edge technology, and partnerships with leading institutions worldwide. With proprietary Bayesian algorithms and optimization methods applied to medical imaging, today Olea Medical® is a key player in standardized, vendor-neutral, advanced MR quantitative and qualitative image post-processing. Covering both morphologic and functional imaging, Olea Medical® post-processing solutions bring complex mathematics into clinical practice for easy access to accurate and robust biomarkers for enhanced diagnostic confidence and response-to-treatment assessment.
  • Thales Alenia Space – a company which combining 40 years of experience and  a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures. Thales Alenia Space architects design and deliver high technology solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. In addition to the fact that there is a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space also teams up with Telespazio to form the parent companies’ “Space Alliance”, which offers a complete range of services and solutions. Thales Alenia Space posted consolidated revenues of about 2.6 billion euros in 2017 and has 7,980 employees in nine countries.
  • Wildmoka – a leading Digital Content Creation Platform provider. Wildmoka’s easy to use video solutions can be quickly implemented, enabling immediate short form video creation and publishing. Thanks to this platform, Content Owners and Rights Holders can face the growing video content demand on their digital platforms over web, mobile and social, allowing them to increase their fans engagement, grow their audience, create innovative digital marketing, and develop new monetization models. The company is based in the EU, the US and APAC, and is trusted by several customers such as FOX, CANAL+, TF1, France Televisions, Orange and beIN SPORTS.

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