MOMI2022: Program

Download MOMI2022 program here.

Day 1: May 30, 2022

8h30 9h00 Registration
9h00 9h15 Opening Remarks
AI for medical imaging
9h15 10h45 Prof. Alejandro F Frangi
Precision Imaging – from model-based imaging to image-based modelling
10h45 11h00 Coffee Break
11h00 11h30 Industrial Speakers: Dr. Antonia Machlouzarides-Shalit and Léonie Borne
Augmented Neuroradiology: Enhancing neuroscience with AI to improve clinical interpretations of MRI images
11h30 12h30 Dr. Maria A. Zuluaga
The data challenges of AI for medical imaging
12h30 13h30 Lunch Break
13h30 14h30 Poster Session
Lung cancer screening with AI
14h30 15h30 Industrial Speakers: Prof. Pierre Baudot and Benoit Huet
iBiopsy® Lung Cancer Screening: An AI diagnostic software for improving patient care at scale
15h30 16h00 Dr. Stephanie Lopez
AI applied to lung cancer screening : LungScreenAI project
16h00 16h15 Coffe Break
16h15 17h00 Industrial Speakers: Dr. Remi Bernard
2D/3D image analysis and AI for dermatology and aesthetic surgery
17h00 17h30 Industrial Speakers: Dr. Mahdi Rajabizadeh
AI can help in the management of snakebite
19h30 Social Event


Day 2: May 31, 2022

AI for medical imaging
9h00 10h00 Pr. Irina Voiculescu
How good is good enough? Exercising care when using mathematical evaluation measures in medical image segmentation
10h00 10h45 Pr. Hervé Delingette
Some Strategies to cope with the cost of annotations in Medical Image Analysis
10h45 11h00 Coffee Break
Privacy and AI
11h00 11h45 Dr. Melek Önen
Privacy & Security for AI
11h45 12h30 Dr. Marco Lorenzi
Fed-BioMed for open-source federated learning in healthcare
12h30 14h00 Lunch Break
Innovative methods for AI
14h00 15h00 Pr. Frédéric Precioso
Why transformers are expected to be the next super neural model?
15h00 15h45 Pr. Maxime Sermesant
AI & Personalised Cardiac Modelling: Learning by Heart
15h45 16h00 Coffee Break
Companies and AI
16h00 17h45 Company Fair
17h45 18h00 Closing Remarks


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