Poster vote

We would like to invite you to participate in the vote for the posters of MOMI 2021. The best three posters will receive an award.

The voting system works as follows. Each participant (except those presenting a poster) is associated to two posters, one out of each poster session (see program). After the sessions, this form can be used to grade the two posters. To prevent exploit of the form, we have provided unique user IDs via E-Mail to the participants. They are automatically linked to the posters from the two sessions, which were assigned to you.

Please use this user ID and grade the posters which we have assigned to you, by following the criteria defined below. Each criterion can be graded by 0 to 2 points. The sum of these grades will determine the ranking.

  1. Abstract: is the abstract succinct and informative (objectives, methodology, results, conclusions)?
  2. Figures: are the figures easily understandable? Do they support the conclusions?
  3. Design: is the general layout of the poster appealing, and suited for the content?
  4. Presentation: did the presenter explain his/her work and answer questions with clarity, expertise and enthusiasm?
  5. Overall: I now have an clear idea of the aims of this work, its implication in the field, the approach used and the results obtained so far, even if I don’t necessarily understand all the technical details.

To keep it fair, we want participants to only grade a poster if they visited the room during the session. If you did not, please choose “Didn’t attend” for all criteria of that session.

Note: poster grading is closed. We will announce the winners soon.

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