Structure of the PhD Seminars

The PhD Seminars of Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée are organized and held by the PhD candidates of the SFA and STIC Doctoral Schools. Their aim is to allow the participants to share their knowledge, and to promote collaborations, all in a friendly and interactive way. They are mainly addressed to and conducted by PhD students; however, postdocs, engineers and interns are more than welcome to participate to the talks.

The seminars take place every other Monday, and their average duration is  two hours. Typically, each seminar comprises two talks, of which at least one is a scientific talk. The scientific talks usually follow the topic of the semester, which is referred to as chapter.

Each talk may last from 25 to 45 min, depending on the speaker’s choice. The remaining time is dedicated to questions.

Calendar of upcoming events.

Types of talks

Scientific talks

Scientific talks are the main part of each seminar. The aim of each talk is to present the subject in a concise way, so that it is understood by all attendees. The field of each talk is defined by the current chapter, although it is not a necessary condition. They are almost always delivered by PhD candidates. The materials of the scientific talks are uploaded onto the website with the approval of the speaker.

Guidelines for the organization of a scientific talk.

Past talks.

General interest talks

General interest talks organized around thematics that appeal to the attendees’ curiosity or best interests. Their range of subjects include presentations of the center’s structures (AGOS, MASTIC, SED, etc…), tutorials, and mini – formations.

Trial talks

Trial talks allow the speaker to prepare for a conference or thesis defense talk. During a trial talk, the audience is called to pay more attention to the presentation and layout of the subject and material, rather than its scientific content. Following each trial talk, the speaker may, if they wish it, receive helpful comments about the talk.


The scientific talks of the PhD seminars usually follow a specific theme, which changes every semester. These themes are defined by the 5 fields of research of Inria.


  • Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation
  • Digital Health, Biology and Earth
  • Networks, systems and services, distributed computing
  • Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture
  • Perception, Cognition & Interaction


The chapters serve as an organizational tool and as a means of motivation for both speaker and attendees. Since one chapter follows another, the speakers have time to prepare and present their work to a broader audience. To the attendees, it gives the opportunity for either discovering a different field of research, if the current chapter is not their own, or extend their knowledge on their own field.

Note that, since the audience is composed of people from different fields, scientific talks ought to be as general as possible.

Guidelines for the organization of a scientific talk.

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