Optimization in the Real World.

MOMI 2017
Day: Monday, 27th of February

Directeur de Recherche, CNRS
Professeur, LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, France
2015 – IBM Faculty Award


 Optimization in the Real World.

How many times did you hear a CEO on the news say, “we optimized our strategy”? How many job offers you perused contained the word “optimization”? There are comparatively fewer positions advertising a need for “operations research” and “optimization methods”, though I’m betting you found some of those, too. On the other hand, plenty of job descriptions that appear to have nothing to do with optimization actually advertise positions that are mainly related to such techniques. Come discover what “optimization” means to different layers of society by means of this tutorial on Mathematical Programming — a formal language invented exactly for the purpose of describing optimization problems. The tutorial consists of an hour-long talk and two hours of hands-on tutorial where, if you bring your laptops, I will strive to teach you the ropes of this fascinating language.


[gview file=”https://phd-seminars-sam.inria.fr/files/2017/03/intro_opt.pdf” save=”1″]

 Code and examples.

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