Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation: Part II

On this seminar, we had the opportunity to find out a lot about the works of Elaa Teftef from team  ECUADOR which concerns adjoint Fixed-Point loops.

Elaa gaves us her presentation slides, which you can find here. She suggests the following ressources for those who want to know more on the subject:

  • Taftaf, A. , Pascual,V. and Hasco ̈et, L. ”Adjoints of Fixed-Point iterations”. 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XI). 20-25 July 2014, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Taftaf, A., Hasco ̈et, L. and Pascual, V. ”Implementation and measurements of an efficient Fixed Point Adjoint”. International Conference on Evolutionary and
    Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimisation and Control with Applications to Industrial and Societal Problems. EUROGEN 2015, 14-16 September 2015, Glasgow, UK.
  • A. Griewank and A. Walther. Evaluating Derivatives: Principles and Techniques of Algorithmic Differentiation. Other Titles in Applied Mathematics, #105. SIAM, 2008.
  • B. Christianson. Reverse accumulation and attractive fixed points. Optimization Methods and Software, 3:311–326, 1994.
  • T. Bosse. Augmenting the one-shot framework by additional constraints. Optimization Methods and Software, 31(6), 2016.
  • L. Hasco ̈et and V. Pascual. The Tapenade Automatic Differentiation tool: Principles, Model, and Specification. ACM Transactions On Mathematical Software, 39 (3), 2013.

Then, Nathalie Gayraud from team ATHENA showed us some communication and scientific dissemination techniques, following the 2-day workshop of Mr. Claude Vadel, recently realized in the premises of Inria. For those of you who are interested, information on the next such workshop will be following soon.

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