PhD Seminar – 18 March 2024

This time two shorter presentations:

Talk by Emilie Yu (GRAPHDECO team)
Doing a 3-months visit in Canada with MITACS
from plans to final research project

Abstract: Today I will talk about my visit of a research lab in the University of Toronto during three months funded by the MITACS Globalink Research Award. I will give practical information and tips about my experience in this program. Then I will briefly expose the final results from the project, to show how this international collaboration and visit was helpful to my research about VR painting:
The ability to represent artworks as stacks of layers is fundamental to modern graphics design. Despite their ubiquity in 2D painting software, layers have not yet made their way to VR painting, where users paint strokes directly in 3D space by gesturing a 6-degrees-of-freedom controller. So what should 3D layers be?
We propose a practical implementation of 3D-Layers integrated in a VR painting application, and ask professional VR artists to create beautiful paintings with it.

Talk by Nicolas Rosset (GRAPHDECO team)
Interactive design of 2D car profiles with aerodynamic feedback

Nicolas Rosset

Abstract: The design of car shapes requires a delicate balance between aesthetic and performance.
We describe how to train a model on instantaneous, synchronized observations extracted from multiple pre-computed simulations, such that we can visualize and optimize for dynamic flow features, such as vortices. Furthermore, we architectured our model to support gradient-based shape optimization within a learned latent space of car profiles.

When: Monday, Mar 04 at 2pm
Where: Euler Violet

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