I'm a PhD student in applied Mathematics since 2019 under the supervision of Madalena Chaves from Inria and Jérémie Roux from IRCAN. Together, we model a form of programmed cell death (apoptosis) triggered by anti-cancer drugs with deterministic systems, to understand fractional killing, a form of cellular persistance, and the associated cell sensitivity states, at the origin of many therapeutic failures in the fight against cancer.

PhD seminars – 27 february, 2023

Flash presentation: Yanis Aeschlimann from Cronos team! Introducing MOMI – 2023: Smart Environment Scientific talk – Younes Ben Mazziane (Neo) – Analyzing Count Min Sketch with Conservative Updates Abstract: Count-Min Sketch with Conservative Updates (CMS-CU) is a popular algorithm to approximately count items’ appearances in a data stream. Despite CMS-CU’s…

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PhD seminars – 6 February, 2023

Round table: The potential careers at inria after the PhD We don’t always know what we want to do after our PhD. This round table is meant to present the potential positions you can held at INRIA after your PhD. First Manuel Serrano, from the Comité d’Evaluation (CE), will present…

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