PhD Seminars Special Edition – Network’s Adventures in Softwar’land


Damien Saucez (DIANA)


After decades of configuration and lack of flexibility, computer networks are progressively entering in the era of programmability and virtualisation. This radical change of paradigm implies to rethink the way networks are conceived and the tools that are used to manage them. In this talk, we will first understand the reason of this shift to programmability. We will then see that making the network fully programmable can cause contention and we will propose theoretical solutions to address this problem. Finally, we will see how the specific purpose of network equipments drive their actual feature set and how it influences the translation from theory to practice. In this talk, we will use methods from the following topics: network protocols, offline and stochastic optimization, control theory, and domain specific languages (DSL).

Image credits:

Open Networking Foundation,, November 17th 2017


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