7th, november: INRIA PhD seminars resume for a new edition 2022/2023

New formula:

Inria PhD seminars resume on the 7th of November with a new formula!

1h every other monday with 2 flash presentations of PhD students so you can meet potential collaborators or support, followed by 40 min (30 min talk + questions) of a scientific talk, or a presentation about a important subject in the daily life of researchers!

Quick reminder: Attending PhD seminars is mandatory for all PhD students but it also a great occasion to share knowledge in a fun way.

Join the club: become a PhD seminars organizer too!

PhD seminars resume!

About Marielle PERE

I'm a PhD student in applied Mathematics since 2019 under the supervision of Madalena Chaves from Inria and Jérémie Roux from IRCAN. Together, we model a form of programmed cell death (apoptosis) triggered by anti-cancer drugs with deterministic systems, to understand fractional killing, a form of cellular persistance, and the associated cell sensitivity states, at the origin of many therapeutic failures in the fight against cancer.

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